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An exclusive interview with The Knight 69

Recently went at a book club review meeting and during a conversation with this extremely attractive woman and discovered we knew some of the same people.  I asked if I could do an exclusive interview with her, but when she learn it was concerning a mutual very close friend of ours. She was reluctant at first she, but  eventually agreed she would, but I must remember that she too lead and extremely private life and will not answer personal question about the subject or herself. I assured her based on the same mutual relationship with the elusive author there will be no personal questions asked of her of the author.

I hope to have this posted no later that November 15th

Through the Grapevine and answers to the Bata-Readers Program of Rattler Publishing

The Knight 69 has informed me that Rattler Publishing may soon offer pre-designed book covers to other authors. According to the Knight talks between David and the design team were taking place. I do knew the team were ready to spread their wings on a broader base and this is going to be interesting to see it play out. If true I wonder will they just offer internet cover or will they design covers for paperback as well. If I know David her might want to go internet and see if there’s a market, either way it doesn’t cost them anything.

I’ve been asked how do you get on the list to become a bata-reader from David Rattler. Although, nothing official has been mentioned, the way I did it was email him directly but I’m not going to give his personal email address. I do know, however, the one that are selected have twenty day after delivery to respond to them or be dropped from the list. And I not sure how of if Nasrene is still in change of that. But if your interested I’d send an email to and place bata-reader in the heading and ask just how does that work. Now because I’ve known him, I do get a paperback of the works before publication, but I’m sure they not sending paperback copies all over the place.  In fact I’m not even sure it that program is still play. David never really listens to opinions in the first place, I’ve heard him say “all works is completed the way he wants it.” So I don’t think what ever you write will phase him in his relentless assault. I do know for a fact that he did say “no white editor will ever change anything in a David Rattler works. None of my works isn’t about promoting  their fucking whiteness, so fuck’em” He very protective about his works reflects and he has threatened to destroy the entire massive archive before letting that happen. So if you managed to get into the program unless your close to him, your opinions probably going to be about as important to him as a first century ship wreck.

I do understand why he’s protective about his works. Many times I have read books from African American authors and their works are usually centered in a Ghetto setting which carries a healthy dose of Christianity that certainly protects white pride and privileges under the forgiveness clause. Or something highly  sexual. White readers love those types of works because they get an over all perception, or so they think, of the mentality of  people of color. On one hand white are led to believe they have to forgive me because its in the bible, and other hand they see no sin in splitting dark wood even if its an unwelcomed advance, like the cop of Oklahoma accused of rape women on traffic stops.

I understand what David meant when he said “Most so than not, African Americans works contains subliminal whispers that suggest to the colorless  that we think a like or that see the world through the same eyes, but what we do see the same is the lack of color in them.”

I’ve read his works in the underground and I’ve never found a whisper of anything to suggest preservation of anything white, in fact it’s been the opposite.

I’m looking forward to book III which they say is on time for release in Mid-December. I have to say its exciting to personally know an author like that. One who’s not afraid to blaze a trail his own way and speak his mind without fear.

I’m Back with exciting news

To the one that’s been following this blog I do apologize for not having posted in a while. As you know it hard maintaining a blog when your life consist of wife and children and soon to be grandchildren.  But I have been keeping up somewhat if events that continue to shape our world.  I’ve been especially keeping up with my friend David Rattler the controversial author. He’s at it again with an up coming release in Mid-December. This is Book III of The Season Series.

Rattler Publishing has recently announced a couple of things, a redesigning of site operations which means visual (their changing the website)  a dedicated page on that will host creative artistic designs, and a Bata program for upcoming releases, details are not clear on the design page, but keep checking the web-site at

I haven’t talked to David recently but his cover designer Ursula Turray informed me that Certosina The Season of Tribulation (Book III) is on schedule for release, she couldn’t give any information regarding the Bata program but she did inform me that book I and Book II and Nightmares has under went a cover redesign that puts the works more in coordination with the story lines. I do have the redesigned covers for the previous publications and  the upcoming release.When Seasons Change Internet coverThis work is available at https:// Internet Cover redesignedavailable at https://

Nightmares redesigned 3

available at https://


Certosina internet cover idea

To find out more about this release contact


If you haven’t pickup a copy of these thought provoking works it a haunting look at a different truth that only David can deliver. For the ones that have read the works I’d love to hear from you.  What are your thoughts, how did it leave you after you read the last word? For me, it was a frightening read, as I have said before I’ve known David since college and have enjoy his works in the underground for years. But tell me what you think, as I’m sure your opinion will be different from mine.

The African Book Store

David Rattler has just announced his works can be found at The African Book Store. Like him they’re also dedicated to spreading the African and African American experience across the world. “The journey of reconstruction begins with the laying of one brick”  I applaud the author for his commitment of supporting minority based community based business, but also his commitment to lifting the self worth through the enlightenment of his literary works. Stop by The African Book Store browse their vast array of items all dedicated to the African and African American experiences.

The African Book Store

Click on the links below and get your copy of When Season’s Change The journey Begins  or Nightmares a collection of horror tales today

When Season’s Change The Journey Begins

Nightmares A collection of Horror tales

New information

A couple of weeks ago I had coffee with David Rattler here in Memphis. We talk about the Season Series and the journey of the characters. This morning his web-mistress suddenly  announced the severing of ties with Lulu Publishing due to formatting issues and also she officially announced the release of Certosnina The Season of Tribulation. Book III of the Season Series. The work is scheduled for release in December. I haven’t had the pleasure of a sneak peek, when in Memphis David avoided the subject of the works, but a few people inside his circle says its the most thought provoking of series. So if you haven’t read Book I or II this would be a great time to catch up on the journey. You can find his works at all major ebook retailers or contact his web-site at to learn more about the author and his works

Unsolved Murders Of Indigenous Women Reflect Canada’s History Of Silence

This needs to stop


 Murder victim Tina Fontaine’s cousins, Kattie Lee, Jolene, Angel, Rose Fontaine sit in front of artwork honoring the 15-year-old whose dead body was found in Canada’s Red river. Photograph: Mali Ilse Paquin for the Guardian Murder victim Tina Fontaine’s cousins, Kattie Lee, Jolene, Angel, Rose Fontaine sit in front of artwork honoring the 15-year-old whose dead body was found in Canada’s Red river. Photograph: Mali Ilse Paquin for the Guardian

The Guardian

As spotlight returns to decades-long violence against native women and girls, calls for national inquiry have been rebuffed but groups refuse to give up

Hanging on the walls of Kattie Lee Fontaine’s living room are two striking portraits of her cousin Tina, who was just 15 when she disappeared from the streets of Winnipeg, Manitoba, in August 2014.

Tina and her four cousins, Kattie Lee, Rose, Jolene and Angel grew up together on the Sagkeeng First Nation, an indigenous reserve east of Lake Winnipeg with a population of 3,000 – and six unsolved cases of missing or murdered First Nations women.

In June 2014, Tina travelled to Winnipeg to rekindle her relationship with…

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Black Feminism: A Black Male Sexism & Anti-Black Racism Detox

We need to change a lot of things and we can do that if is see each other as human being, and drop all the religious nonsenses that makes us look at other with less than respect

Media Diversified

blackwomenmatterBy @Femininja4q
White supremacy is one hell of a drug. But couple white supremacy and patriarchy and you enter the world of a black woman. The effects of structural racism are covered extensively; from institutions who kill black people that they’re meant to protect and serve to black people being rejected from work.

Misogyny, a product of patriarchal culture, is the reason black women are erased out when names of black victims of police brutality are listed. Not too long ago a protest was held in San Francisco to name the women, trans and cis, who have died by the hands of police. The protesters stood topless, with names and messages written on their chest. What happened next on social media? Onslaught. Name calling, from whore to slut to black bitches. People decided to disregard the message behind the protest and focus on the fact that they stood topless.


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Perceptions of a frightening reality

Today as I listened to President Obama conduct a heartfelt, moving eulogy in South Carolina, it brought me to a reality. As I listened, I thought about my friend the author David Rattler. I’ve called him friend for a number of years, since our time at the University of Memphis. I’ve read his works for many years in the underground, a few years before I’d knew him, and I’m proud to be one of the people on the list of bata-readers, he actually listens too. But what I thought about today was his works and how there’s always an element of extreme hatred for whites and Christians alike. For a long time, I’ve wondered why, he’s clearly not a racist. We’ve drank too many beers, chased to many women and smoked too many joints together for that to be true, but it always confused me because there’s never been any tension between he and I like that, so why can’t the rest of the world be like that?

So today I took a look at the world through his eyes. I’m Christian and of European descent, he’s of African and Native descent, so why is his hatred for whites and Christians to the point of murderous rage? The answer came to me and it was as simple as taking a breath, it’s the perceptions that we as white people project to the rest of the world. See we as good white people calling ourselves Christian, we’ll never put the Nazi flag on our homes and license plates, and truck windows, we would offend our Jewish neighbors and friends. But we, those some good white people won’t hesitate to put up the confederate flag, we don’t give a damn, it our heritage to hate, so what if our neighbors are of African and Latino descent and it offends then. We realized its the same disrespect to them as the Nazi flag is to the Jews, but since we can’t disconnect Jesus from the Jews and the Jews from Israel, we have a tendency to show a little more respect to the Jew because they’re in the bible and they’re God’s chosen people. Well I did some research and on that, and learned that the very people we’re calling prophets, inspired men of God were also of dark skin. So I guess we don’t really love God’s people as much as we pretended.

I suddenly understood hatred on another level, not only the hatred in the writings of David Rattler, but the hatred the Natives, the Arabs and the Latino’ must have for white people. Its a valid hatred, and we’ve earned it. I hope and pray their hatred never turns into a violent murderous rage, where they forget we’re human, like we’ve so often done to them. I’ve seen the post on line, white people proudly displaying the flag of treason calling it pride. The photo-shopped pictures trying desperately to prove a useless point about heritage and pride, while in reality trying to maintain a good cover story for your hatred of others. I’m ashamed of it all, I ashamed that hate is corner stone of people that look like me. But I’m not going to say you should stop displaying your symbol of hate. and I’m now going to tell you to stop hating people. Because if you can look at yourself in the mirror and feel proud of the way you’ve disrespect and murdered innocent people, than pat yourself on the back, you’ve achieved everything they said you are. “They always have to be victims of the brown people, even at their own hands.” David said that in the novel “Discovery, The Season of Shadows” and now I know what he was talking about. There is something wrong when you have to be a victim so much, until you have to provoke others to violent reactions.

There nothing that can be done to bring back those nine innocent lives your hatred killed inside a building you call secret and holy. You can never say I’m sorry enough to the African American community for what you’ve done, and you can never give back what you’ve taken. In my bible there is a parable that says “do unto other as you’d have them do unto you” so look at what you have done, created another manufactured victimization for yourself.

The past can’t be changed, the evil can’t be undone, but the future can be changed. You don’t have to keep making the same mistakes that perpetuates that insane ideology that fuels your foolish pride and heritage of hate. You have 2nd amendment rights, you can continued to display your pride and keep offending others, seeking to be victims of their wrath, but just because you have to right to do so, doesn’t make it right to do?

I usually don’t post anything personal on blogs, it usually keep it business. But how I could I call the all the people in my life friends, if I don’t see the world through their eyes, if I don’t feel ashamed of my own kind for what we’re done out of the pride of being hateful people. If I don’t join the fight against the injustices and speak out against it, than I’m choosing the side of hate and I’m not the true friend they thought I was and that’s unacceptable to my own humanity.

I know David will read this, it’ll come across his feeds. Hell, he reads everything except reviews. But I’d like to say to him and all the other people I’ve called friends over the years. I’m still there, fighting along side you, and I’m still your friend.

The Story Teller.

A Statement from David Rattler (Exposing an uncomfortable Truth)

First I’d like to express my heart felt somber for the fallen nine people in Charleston, your lives and deaths are not in vein, but should serve as a light that continues to shine, exposing the true color of evil that has plagued humanity for centuries. It’s no accident the tragedy happened the way it did, so let us explore an actual truth.

For any person of color the most important thing in your life is focus. My native grandmother use to say “always maintain your focus, keep your purpose intact and never listen to the beautiful lies told by the colorless people. They wrote themselves in their own book (the bible) as the beast.”

Twenty years after my grandmother’s death, her words still echo through the chambers of time as an unchallenged truth.

The words on the website are true. I was born five months before the dreamer was gunned down in Memphis, and I did grew up in the seventies. I wasn’t here during the marches in the sixties. But I was at the University of Memphis when thirty good white Christians decided to beat up three people, two black one white. And I did participate in the sit-in in front the Dean’s office. But as I near fifty, I’m not holding a sign and I’m not marching, the hell with that. But when your ready to react, the same way the Jews did after the Holocaust call me. The reason I say that is because of all the marching and singing done in the sixties, it only led you back again to this same point in history facing the same problem, and the cycle continues.

But to be fair let us let reveal a truth. I’ve heard many things from them surrounding this tragedy. They’ve call the monster a lone wolf, mentally ill, and I’ve even heard the classic white ruse, blame the dead for their deaths. But the uncomfortable truth is, if you look at it from another angle their right about themselves. Allow me to explain. They have always been all of that from the start. The attack on Muslim Spain, the attacks on the Natives on two continents, makes them mentally challenges lone wolves that tell beautiful lies. Their history records it as a truth, so we must take it as just what it is a truth.

But it’s not only them that’s the problem, you have to recognize the subliminal words they say to you also and call it too their attention. “I don’t see color” those words mean your a lying white racist. Because color is the first thing you see when handsome me walk into a room. So why is something so unimportant for you too see, but so important for you to mention that it’s not important to see. It’s just a white ruse designed to keep you off balance and make you lose focus of the true problem, them.

I’ve seen the signs, “Black lives Matter” and then I’ve seen them counter with “all life matters” but if your white and are not holding a sign that says “Black lives Matter” then your a diversion to the purpose. We know all life matters, but right now we’re focused on black lives, so either get on point, or grab a rack like your parents did in the sixties. I’ve seen only a few people of color address this when we all should be addressing it as what it is, a diversion. If your a person of color and married to one of them and if their not holding the other end of that sign, that says “Black lives Matter” and your making excuses and swallowing your blackness in the name of love, sleeping with the enemy of your own kind makes you a trader and you deserve what you get for the works you’ve do, as simple as that.

The next thing is I’m so disappointed in the way people of color have viewed and neglected the Natives and their struggles against the same enemy. Do not adopt the racial slurs imposed on them by whites. If you don’t want whites calling you nigger. Get just as pissed off when white call them Timber niggers. They are as you beautiful people of color and deserve the same respect as you. Their fight is your fight, extent a helping hand, make an alliance, be a leader for humanities, let your struggles against the common enemy be a beacon for all people of color that struggle against– as my grandmother would say–the pale people.

Stop trying to fit into their world because the Jesus man got a mansion on Gold Street waiting for you, don’t fall for the beautiful lies they tell about a mythical paradise in the sky, only if you suffer while alive. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, no I’m not Christian, never have been, and never will be. Usually I don’t write this much on blogs, and for the ones that truly knew me, also know I’ve never been silent either. This is a continues cycle of the same that have existed since they crawled out the caves seeking enlightenment from people of color. And for the people that knew me, you can breath easy, I was nice, kind of, because as you know most of the time, I’m usually not.