The First Post

This is the official first post of The Story Teller, we are excited about this new venture. We hope as time continues we’re able to bring you valuable insider information about the authors that are kind enough to answer question.

Since the release of When season’s Change, that sent shock waves through the underground a few years ago, we’ve been making progress with the reclusive author David Rattler. He rarely answers questions and most of the information we obtain is through people close to him. But trust me he’s fully aware of the leaks and has often plugged holes. Since his announcement over the holidays to pull his ebooks from Amazon. The Buzz was where will he land. In a meeting with a few of his people last night, they announced may carry the works. Although, not confirmed we suspect there may be some truth in it. We know the author is expecting to release Discovery The Season of Shadows in March. The second book of the thought provoking Season Series.