Don’t Forget You’re Black

Afrocentric Confessions

In America, if you forget that you’re black someone is always there to remind you.

Sitting in the passenger seat next to my father as we drive into our new neighborhood, I heard, “Stay in your lane, NIGGERRRRR!” and looked over to see a lanky white guy in denim overalls sticking his head out the car window and glaring at my father. “NIGGERRRR!” The word bounced in my head and with each thud of it, my mind cringed. My father had shaken his head and chuckled.  (An African-American person is more likely to have had a more expressive reaction that my father did. The word is more sensitive to African-Americans.) My dad would probably still chuckle today if someone were to call him a nigger. They reminded President Barack Obama during his 2008 campaign trail. Said he wasn’t a “real American,” called him a straight up nigger in some places. Please…

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