Perceptions of a frightening reality

Today as I listened to President Obama conduct a heartfelt, moving eulogy in South Carolina, it brought me to a reality. As I listened, I thought about my friend the author David Rattler. I’ve called him friend for a number of years, since our time at the University of Memphis. I’ve read his works for many years in the underground, a few years before I’d knew him, and I’m proud to be one of the people on the list of bata-readers, he actually listens too. But what I thought about today was his works and how there’s always an element of extreme hatred for whites and Christians alike. For a long time, I’ve wondered why, he’s clearly not a racist. We’ve drank too many beers, chased to many women and smoked too many joints together for that to be true, but it always confused me because there’s never been any tension between he and I like that, so why can’t the rest of the world be like that?

So today I took a look at the world through his eyes. I’m Christian and of European descent, he’s of African and Native descent, so why is his hatred for whites and Christians to the point of murderous rage? The answer came to me and it was as simple as taking a breath, it’s the perceptions that we as white people project to the rest of the world. See we as good white people calling ourselves Christian, we’ll never put the Nazi flag on our homes and license plates, and truck windows, we would offend our Jewish neighbors and friends. But we, those some good white people won’t hesitate to put up the confederate flag, we don’t give a damn, it our heritage to hate, so what if our neighbors are of African and Latino descent and it offends then. We realized its the same disrespect to them as the Nazi flag is to the Jews, but since we can’t disconnect Jesus from the Jews and the Jews from Israel, we have a tendency to show a little more respect to the Jew because they’re in the bible and they’re God’s chosen people. Well I did some research and on that, and learned that the very people we’re calling prophets, inspired men of God were also of dark skin. So I guess we don’t really love God’s people as much as we pretended.

I suddenly understood hatred on another level, not only the hatred in the writings of David Rattler, but the hatred the Natives, the Arabs and the Latino’ must have for white people. Its a valid hatred, and we’ve earned it. I hope and pray their hatred never turns into a violent murderous rage, where they forget we’re human, like we’ve so often done to them. I’ve seen the post on line, white people proudly displaying the flag of treason calling it pride. The photo-shopped pictures trying desperately to prove a useless point about heritage and pride, while in reality trying to maintain a good cover story for your hatred of others. I’m ashamed of it all, I ashamed that hate is corner stone of people that look like me. But I’m not going to say you should stop displaying your symbol of hate. and I’m now going to tell you to stop hating people. Because if you can look at yourself in the mirror and feel proud of the way you’ve disrespect and murdered innocent people, than pat yourself on the back, you’ve achieved everything they said you are. “They always have to be victims of the brown people, even at their own hands.” David said that in the novel “Discovery, The Season of Shadows” and now I know what he was talking about. There is something wrong when you have to be a victim so much, until you have to provoke others to violent reactions.

There nothing that can be done to bring back those nine innocent lives your hatred killed inside a building you call secret and holy. You can never say I’m sorry enough to the African American community for what you’ve done, and you can never give back what you’ve taken. In my bible there is a parable that says “do unto other as you’d have them do unto you” so look at what you have done, created another manufactured victimization for yourself.

The past can’t be changed, the evil can’t be undone, but the future can be changed. You don’t have to keep making the same mistakes that perpetuates that insane ideology that fuels your foolish pride and heritage of hate. You have 2nd amendment rights, you can continued to display your pride and keep offending others, seeking to be victims of their wrath, but just because you have to right to do so, doesn’t make it right to do?

I usually don’t post anything personal on blogs, it usually keep it business. But how I could I call the all the people in my life friends, if I don’t see the world through their eyes, if I don’t feel ashamed of my own kind for what we’re done out of the pride of being hateful people. If I don’t join the fight against the injustices and speak out against it, than I’m choosing the side of hate and I’m not the true friend they thought I was and that’s unacceptable to my own humanity.

I know David will read this, it’ll come across his feeds. Hell, he reads everything except reviews. But I’d like to say to him and all the other people I’ve called friends over the years. I’m still there, fighting along side you, and I’m still your friend.

The Story Teller.