Through the Grapevine and answers to the Bata-Readers Program of Rattler Publishing

The Knight 69 has informed me that Rattler Publishing may soon offer pre-designed book covers to other authors. According to the Knight talks between David and the design team were taking place. I do knew the team were ready to spread their wings on a broader base and this is going to be interesting to see it play out. If true I wonder will they just offer internet cover or will they design covers for paperback as well. If I know David her might want to go internet and see if there’s a market, either way it doesn’t cost them anything.

I’ve been asked how do you get on the list to become a bata-reader from David Rattler. Although, nothing official has been mentioned, the way I did it was email him directly but I’m not going to give his personal email address. I do know, however, the one that are selected have twenty day after delivery to respond to them or be dropped from the list. And I not sure how of if Nasrene is still in change of that. But if your interested I’d send an email to and place bata-reader in the heading and ask just how does that work. Now because I’ve known him, I do get a paperback of the works before publication, but I’m sure they not sending paperback copies all over the place.  In fact I’m not even sure it that program is still play. David never really listens to opinions in the first place, I’ve heard him say “all works is completed the way he wants it.” So I don’t think what ever you write will phase him in his relentless assault. I do know for a fact that he did say “no white editor will ever change anything in a David Rattler works. None of my works isn’t about promoting  their fucking whiteness, so fuck’em” He very protective about his works reflects and he has threatened to destroy the entire massive archive before letting that happen. So if you managed to get into the program unless your close to him, your opinions probably going to be about as important to him as a first century ship wreck.

I do understand why he’s protective about his works. Many times I have read books from African American authors and their works are usually centered in a Ghetto setting which carries a healthy dose of Christianity that certainly protects white pride and privileges under the forgiveness clause. Or something highly  sexual. White readers love those types of works because they get an over all perception, or so they think, of the mentality of  people of color. On one hand white are led to believe they have to forgive me because its in the bible, and other hand they see no sin in splitting dark wood even if its an unwelcomed advance, like the cop of Oklahoma accused of rape women on traffic stops.

I understand what David meant when he said “Most so than not, African Americans works contains subliminal whispers that suggest to the colorless  that we think a like or that see the world through the same eyes, but what we do see the same is the lack of color in them.”

I’ve read his works in the underground and I’ve never found a whisper of anything to suggest preservation of anything white, in fact it’s been the opposite.

I’m looking forward to book III which they say is on time for release in Mid-December. I have to say its exciting to personally know an author like that. One who’s not afraid to blaze a trail his own way and speak his mind without fear.