Midnight In Paris: A Flawed Masterpiece!

History that need to be remembered

Commentaries on the Times

 The Eiffel Tower Viewed From Pont Alexandre III Bridge


 A Magical Realist Fable

From the moment I saw the notice that Woody Allen had written and directed a movie set in Paris, in which the central character was captivated by the artistic history of the “City of Lights,” I knew it was going to be a fascinating journey.  With America’s most consistently intelligent, inventive and uniquely visionary filmmaker exploring my second favorite city – New York is in first place – I figured it was a can’t miss proposition.

I was not, as it turns out, altogether accurate in my expectations.  Still, the film has many notable achievements.  Since I have long felt that  Woody Allen’s work has more in common with the European art film – ala Luis Buniel’s “Discreet Charm Of the Bourgeoisie,” Lina Wurtmueler’s “Swept Away,” the films of Frederico Fellini, etc. –  he seemed…

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Don’t Forget You’re Black

Afrocentric Confessions

In America, if you forget that you’re black someone is always there to remind you.

Sitting in the passenger seat next to my father as we drive into our new neighborhood, I heard, “Stay in your lane, NIGGERRRRR!” and looked over to see a lanky white guy in denim overalls sticking his head out the car window and glaring at my father. “NIGGERRRR!” The word bounced in my head and with each thud of it, my mind cringed. My father had shaken his head and chuckled.  (An African-American person is more likely to have had a more expressive reaction that my father did. The word is more sensitive to African-Americans.) My dad would probably still chuckle today if someone were to call him a nigger. They reminded President Barack Obama during his 2008 campaign trail. Said he wasn’t a “real American,” called him a straight up nigger in some places. Please…

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The Gaze On Black Bodies

powerful and true description of inhumanities

Afrocentric Confessions

For her exhibition “Archival Impulse & Poverty Pornography”, Ayana V Jackson turns to the archives to touch on the representation of black bodies.

Art by Ayana V. Jackson In ‘Diorama,’  artist Ayana V. Jackson depicts the idea of blacks on display in exhibitions, such as the well-known Sarah Baartman

The flyers pasted around the cobbled streets of London beckoned passers-by to witness the “greatest phenomenon ever exhibited in this country”. Intrigued by the invitation and the word on the streets, curious Londoners flocked to the show to see what had just arrived in town. With bated breath and the two-shilling entry fee in hand, they arrived at Number 225 Piccadilly, to cast their eyes on the “Hottentot Venus”.

It was on such a day in 1810 that Sarah “Saartjie” Baartman – dressed in skin-tight clothes to best exhibit her posterior and genitalia – was put on display like a captured animal. And it is this memory of…

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Discovery The Season of Shadows

As Ingrid Vãduvã prepares to keep her promise and return to Harrisburg Pennsylvania, on the first anniversary of Pamela Holland’s death, she hears again the dark autumn whisper.
The Hope Clinic is open and the good white Christians are moving once again toward racial cleansing. The stock market crash, bankruptcy looms, the city descends into chaos, tension’s rise, and protesters take to the street.
Ingrid discovers Pam’s younger sister Kelly in a hospital, in a coma, and in an attempt to save Kelly’s life, her life partner Elizabeth has made a deal with the devil. Trapped between old ideologies and new found enlightenment, Ingrid offers to help, but can she regain Liz’s trust before it’s too late, or will Kelly become the next victim of the Christian Pogrom?

The Season of Shadows

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Interview with David Rattler




TST: Congratulations on the release. We enjoyed it. This novel hits hard from the very start and doesn’t let. It’s classic David Rattler. I think you enjoy the shock factor.

DAVID: Thank you and yes I do enjoy the shock factor. There’s no reason hiding a truth or not facing an uncomfortable truth. To sugar coat that truth means to write with some one else’s convictions, it would validate and empower a false reality.

TST: Was it your intention to paint two dark elements on the work, or did it just happen, and if so what was the bases for characters that dark?

DAVID: The Season Series is a dark journey, but from the darkness comes the enlightenment of self and the light of empowerment. Some dark characters counter balances other dark characters, but their equally as dark and just as deadly.

TST: At first I thought you had gone soft, because you hide the darkness in one character so well it was almost laughable, but as the story continues we begin to see a madness that’s almost impossible to believe exist in actual human beings, but it dose. Why tackle a subject matter that taboo to think about even in this century with such an intensity that’s almost frightening?

DAVID: I think that should be the mission of all writers. Never shy away from uncomfortable truths, just because they’re subjects some don’t want to face and are in constant denial of existence. The reality is, it’s not just going to go away like some people hope and the problems not going to be solved until that truth, is not only faced, but recognized, and a different course toward a solution is plotted.

TST: But doesn’t that impact sales when you forced people to face those truths they don’t want too? Some say your just a trouble maker, a school yard bully looking for a fight.

DAVID:(Laughing) Maybe, but remember for me it’s always been a fight from the start. What you got to remember is I’m a minority and sales are going to be impacted for other reasons as well. I don’t preserve white privilege or complain about how the causes and effect on minority suffering, like some writers. My characters will ever beg for humanity or trade that humanity for servitude. To me if you sell out for the sake of a dollar you might as well believe the pale face Jesus man that resemble the Pogromites that was a cause of persecution people of color will actually save you from the ones that look like him. See I side step the gate keepers (agents) and white editors I keep hearing their great, but I know what they’re looking to keep that burden on the backs of people of color. They want to forced that white pride and privilege bullshit, by adding colorful content, submissive whispers that make other whites feel good, and safe, and warm, when they read works of people of color. So sales for me are going to be minimal anyway. The color of my skin, the words I refuse say, the pride I have in both the Native and the African in me, will always play a factor in that, and the end result is all the same. So might as well say what I need to say, the way I need to say it? I believe to broader your horizons means to look at the world through the eyes of others, the wiser you become about the world around you, the less time you have to justify your ignorance of.

TST: You’re known for that straight forward, no surrender attitude. But one has to wonder if The Season Series is the author striking back at some profound incident in the past, some pent up anger?

DAVID: By that your implying that I’m using literature as a conduit, that a tricky question. I one sense my assault is and isn’t personally connected to me. It’s connected because of my humanity, not because of an event. And in a sense I think all writers works are connected to them in some way or another, but don’t discard the authors creativity either. It would be a grave mistake to judge an author by his works, and try, and connect to his or her emotions of a certain aspects of his or her life to the work.

TST: Do you think when people do that, they try and make the authors live in the characters world and not the other way around?

DAVID: Yes, I do and they do it all the time. I hear people say it I won’t buy a book from an author I don’t know, well you’ll never know the person. And when they look at me and I have that I don’t give a fuck look on my face it blows them away. I’m not letting you into my world for the price of a book, or for any price for that matter. You seriously got me fucked up if you think your five dollars or what ever will give you access into my world. Let the mother fucker sit there, you keep your money.

TST: There that straight forward David we’re use too. Do you believe that?

DAVID: I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t. I’m not one of those people that will say something then ask forgiveness with a shitty smirk. I’ve always been true to metaphysical David from the start. In reality, all authors ask one question, what if, and from there an idea is born. As for me I didn’t want weak characters, but that’s not to say characters without problems. I didn’t want to show them turning to a sky God sending up useless prayers in exchange for a weak solution. I wanted the true human experiences, where they overcome problems by solving them themselves. I don’t want this mythical sky God that blesses some with painful burdens and others with riches. He’s been the problem in the past for mostly people of color, then he can continue to be that same problem in the future for the same ones without receiving praises in my work.

TST: Changing to subject, in the beginning of Discovery we see extreme rage, then a suddenly shifts loneliness, then to vulnerability, and then a gradual shift back to a different kind of rage and anger. Why an opening like that why not a gradual descent into rage before redemption?

DAVID: That’s the humanity of the character. There’s no guarantee by the end of the series she’ll find what she’s looking and that so call redemption may not be what you think. It shows the range of human emotions in us all, the turmoil all humans go through in the journey of life. The changes can be sudden and drastic or it could be gradual. The problem is going to come in for some is the empowerment of certain people over others and the demonetization of dead grandma’s beliefs.

TST: Pam’s younger sister Kelly, she fluent in different languages, her personality is both benign and inimical and she has the unique ability to go either way in an instant. Was it hard to write such a complex character personality and the effect it has on readers?

DAVID: It has it challenges showing those kind of complexities, but once again your talking about a highly intelligent person of color that’s not afraid. It’s something you hope you did well enough to be understood in the final outcome. But in the end, you, the writer has to come to the conclusion that some readers will never get it, or will refuse to get it, so you don’t waste sleep over it you go on. As far as the effects, but that I’m sure you mean white readers, that’s not something they’re are use too, and have taught many blacks not to accept as truth, especially in works of people of color.

TST: Because you led such a secluded lifestyle, I’ve heard some people say your not fully aware of the world around you and how it actually works, what do you have to say to that?

DAVID: I’m fully aware of the world around me and fully aware of the kind of people what would say that too. My philosophy has always been if they’re bitching with you, they’re running with you, if they’re bitching about you than they’re running behind you and since I don’t shy away from subjects that makes people on both sides of the street uncomfortable, it’s hardly surprising they would say that. You have to remember some people live in a bubble, an alternate reality that doesn’t reflect the actual world around them, and those are the people trying to change you through their twisted ideologies.

TST: Are you surprised or should I say upset at some of the backlash you’ve gotten from the underground for the first book “When Season’s Change”?

DAVID: Nope, not at all. What you have to remember is people grow comfortable, they feel safe and warm when they read certain ethnic writers works and then comes a Tsunami. The first book threw a lot of people out of sync because it made you face an uncomfortable truth, and the thought of how everything you’ve known all your life could be the evil in your life is an uncomfortable truth. I’ve heard it all, it’s my writing style, the use of other languages, and I should use the white editors. In a sense what their actually saying is how dare you timber nigger for saying that about us good white Christians. It not easy for either of them, people of color or others to face that uncomfortable truth. It takes both sides out of that comfort zone and placed them face to face with the monster in the closet and the beautiful lies that don’t work.

TST: So lets talk about the world around you. Discovery addresses racism in a brutal way, do you think racism can be over come, not like in the book, but do you believe both sides can find a solution?

DAVID: In short no, the course is set, the storm of retribution is brewing, whether you believe it or not. The thing of it is change can happen in an instant, but that’ll never happen. When you place hopes in the pale faced Jesus man that bless their sins and make you subservient neither side is looking for change, just a scapegoat to make you feel better about a disconnection from the whole of your humanity.

TST: That’s a bleak outlook, you don’t believe that we as individuals are compassionate enough for change not even for the sake of humanity itself and we’ll selfishly embrace destruction first?

DAVID: That’s the problem, save ourselves, means to save everyone else as well, and we all know some are not willing to do that. Humanity will exist only as a whole or not at all. Until all the idiots that love to whisper subliminal messages, then ask forgiveness with a shitty grin die. That includes the one that says I’m not a racist and I don’t see color, the course is set, destruction looms on the horizons and the circle nears completion.

TST: You don’t believe that when people say they don’t see color they just maybe said the wrong thing at the wrong time?

DAVD: The first thing you see isn’t metaphysical David, it’s physical David. So therefore color is the first thing you see. So rather than respect it, they try to find a need to hide that cancerous thing about themselves. It’s an attempt to bring you down to their lower mindset. If you refuse to see and respect that which is the first part of my human, than I can’t not see you as human.

TST: But couldn’t some people mean it just as it is color just isn’t important to them?

DAVID: No, because if you have the need to mention color it’s important. I see you, I know your white, you know your white, but I don’t have a need to mention it to you. When you say that, it draws attention to dead grandpa’s ideologies and when it’s rejected, you get this victim of the brown people expression. That surprised look that says, damn they know. Well the brown people have always known that for some time and we also know it’s a ruse.

TST: I think back over the years I’ve known you throughout college and beyond. I can’t remember a time we talked about race or the differences, but why to you think it’s so important for some people to jump right in and try and clear the air, so to speak, their not a racist. And you know I’m thinking about Ellen in the book and how she tried so hard to prove that she wasn’t a racist to Ingrid.

DAVID: (Laughing) yeah, I think… well, to be fair—

TST: Wait…David being fair?

DAVID: (Laughing) It’s rare, but it happens. I think sometimes people do say a truth at the wrong times. But what’s acceptable to you can be highly offensive to someone else, but if your like Ellen in the book and your looking to be an eternal victim of the brown people, which seems to be all whites think about, than that’s the preferred path to victimization.

TST: We were in college together and it didn’t seem to have this extreme of racism as it do now, what do you think caused that change?

DAVID: It’s nothing new, remember we were in college when the University of Memphis was rocked with racial unrest.

TST: That’s right the fraternity, what was it thirty guys beat up three people, two blacks and one white that got beat down at a frat party.

DAVID: Yeah, so it’s nothing new, we had round the clock sit-ins out front the dean’s office, pizzerias in town were delivering pizza.

TST: Yes I remember that.

DAVID: So for us that’s an old path to equality and justice that never really happened. We finally forced the university to revoke the charter after they saw we weren’t going anywhere and we weren’t going to take anything less than what we wanted. But when the university revoked the charter, the fraternity just went to Old Miss and set up shop. What you have to remember is racist run in packs like inbreed wild animals, to eradicate it means all carbon based unites with that defect must be completely disassembled.

TST: I’m think of Ingrid and her thoughts of time and the effects it has on human life. Do you think our little group back then caused that change on campus.

DAVID: Not for long, whites have to kill that unity of the brown people quickly, and if it means giving up a few of their own to save a greater whole, they was willing do that. But they also knew they didn’t have to deal with us for long, we were only going to be a thorn in their side until graduation and we were going out into the world, so at best we were a minor discomfort.

TST: Our protest was non-violent and it seem to work, but now it doesn’t, why do you think that is?

DAVID: It never really worked back then as far as solving the problem. It just pushed it down the road. As successful as the civil rights movement was, it didn’t solve the problem, it just pushed it down the road for you to deal with later. It’s like what Kelly asked in the book with each generation why do we have to start again at one with you colorless people? And if you remember, the longer we sit the greater the tension build, they only moved when they discovered next move would’ve been a violent reaction. That’s the game whites love to play, push it until your the victim of the brown people and gain favor with their pale face God.

TST: I remember the Dean suddenly start riding around with campus police, and your right, it felt like anything could have lit the fuse.

DAVID: That’s the place they love to be. I never met any other race of man that love to be victims more than whites and either they’re too blind, or to stupid to see the Tsunami headed to shore and continue to paint themselves as victims of the brown people, but please proceed you’ll get there. What we have to remember is that we’re dealing with a species with a serious mental illness. Any time your hatred is such that your willing to give up health care because it came about through a person of color, and you go and vote for a person promising to cut you out the equation, you have a serious genetic defect about you.

TST: But why do you think whites are like that toward other people?

DAVID: When your pride is to dehumanize other races in order to keep a twisted vision of your whiteness, you rolled the dice on a Faustian Bargain, and when you crapped out, your pissed, and again you have to be the victim of the brown people. The cycle starts again and the next generation of humans starts again at one with the pale people. It’s a never ending story.

TST: David our time is up again and as always it’s been a pleasure talking with you, good luck with the book, and for the follow up interview, I’d like to do a live video interview.

DAVID: Thank you, and we’ll talk about that live interview.


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